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It gives you the convenience and flexibility to enjoy TV Shows, Movies, Sports Channels & more anytime you want! Whether it’s a Bollywood movie or a cricket match live stream in HD quality, Stream India has it all with its vast library of multi-language content and regular updates ensuring no show goes neglected.

What Is Stream India APK?

Stream India
Stream India

Stream India is an app that allows users to watch live TV, sports matches, and movie channels. It is available for download on Android devices, FireStick, and PC.

It provides a wide selection of content from all over the world. You can watch live TV channels and on-demand movies in various languages such as English, Spanish, French, Arabic, Turkish, etc.

You can also find sports broadcasts in HD quality. It supports streaming on multiple devices simultaneously and offers an easy-to-use interface. Stream India Cricket allows fans to savor the amazing action of cricket without ever leaving the house.

It provides a convenient way to watch the game and an affordable one with unbeatable deals on streaming packages and monthly pricing plans that won’t break the bank. Plus, the user-friendly app ensures a smooth browsing experience so that you can focus on enjoying real-time updates and enjoy the thrills of each match.

Screen Captures of the App

Let’s take a look at the screenshots we got from the app. It will help you to understand the inner mechanics of the app.

Exciting Features Of Stream India APK

A streaming apk is always filled with so many exciting features. There is no exception for this application also. You can enjoy more & more features by using this.

So, let’s take a look at those.

Easy-to-use navigation

Whoa! High-def streaming has changed how we watch stuff. Here in India, there are tons more shows and movies available online, and they look amazing – way sharper and clearer than anything you could get before. It’s like having your cinema at home, with all the incredible details popping right off the screen. Thanks to HD streaming, you can lose yourself in movies and shows with such stunning quality, that it feels like you’re part of the action!

Multiple device support

Stream puts your entertainment at your fingertips! Watch your favorite shows, movies, and music videos anytime, anywhere. Stream lets you access over 1,000 channels and stations – local and global – right from your phone, computer, or tablet. Plus, enjoy crystal-clear HD quality that keeps the action looking sharp.

Access to sports matches

Watching sports matches from around the world just got easier with this app. Whether you’re a soccer fanatic in India who wants to stay up-to-date on international matches, or an American basketball fan who wants to catch their home country competing at the Olympics, Stream India is your go-to source for good quality games from all over. Easy to use and reliable when it comes to streaming all types of sports, It gives viewers the ability to watch whatever game they want from wherever they are from any device.

Search feature for content

If you want to maximize your streaming experience, the Search feature on this platform is a great resource. Finding content quickly and intuitively can be challenging, but with its robust search feature, users can discover movies, TV shows, and other streaming content in seconds. With detailed filtering capabilities, you can find only precisely what you need without wasting time in sifting through results that don’t fit your needs. The search feature also offers exclusive content from featured partners so users never miss out on new programming.

Built-in media player

It is like your personal movie and TV show concierge! It’s a built-in app that makes finding and watching your favorites easier than ever. Want subtitles in your language or keep track of your watchlist? No problem, Stream India has it all built right in. Plus, it works on any device you’ve got, so you can catch up on the latest shows no matter where you are. It’s super user-friendly, so finding what you want takes just a few clicks.

Parental control settings

Parental control settings in Stream India allow parents to take charge of their children’s streaming activity. The feature helps keep kids safe by curating and limiting content. Parents can blacklist specific websites, internet channels, and protected apps, ensuring that the only content their child can access is age-appropriate. Furthermore, it gives parents a dashboard from which they can track their child’s online activities in real-time, allowing them to monitor app usage and create alerts too. With these parental control settings, families can keep up with the latest technology while safeguarding the younger generation.

Stream India Key Features

We already checked the exciting features. Now take a look at the key features.

  • Free of cost: Stream India APK is completely free of charge to use for everyone and it has no hidden costs that you need to worry about.
  • No limitations: There are no limitations on the number of watch hours for a person. It provides unlimited access to anyone without any restrictions.
  • Compatibility: This application is compatible with every phone of 5.0(lollipop) or above.
  • Multi-languages: You can watch all kinds of movies, TV shows, and even sports in multiple different languages which makes it available to all users.

Entertainment Channels Available

Here are some of the entertainment channels available on this free platform.

  • Zee TV – A popular Hindi general entertainment channel that airs a variety of shows, including dramas, reality shows, and game shows.
  • Colors TV – Another popular Hindi general entertainment channel that airs a variety of shows, including dramas, reality shows, and game shows.
  • Sony TV – A Hindi general entertainment channel that airs a variety of shows, including dramas, reality shows, and game shows.
  • Star Plus – A Hindi general entertainment channel that airs a variety of shows, including dramas, reality shows, and game shows.
  • MTV India – A youth-oriented channel that airs music videos, reality shows, and game shows.
  • VH1 India – A music channel that airs international and Indian music videos, concerts, and documentaries.
  • Comedy Central India – A channel that airs comedy shows, stand-up comedy, and comedy movies.
  • AXN India – A channel that airs action and adventure shows, reality shows, and crime dramas.
  • TLC India – A lifestyle channel that airs shows related to food, travel, fashion, and home improvement.
  • Nat Geo India – A channel that airs documentaries related to science, nature, history, and culture.

Pros & Cons of Stream App

Now, it’s time to check some pros and cons of this apk, so we can be sure about how to perfectly use.


  • There are no subscriptions required at all.
  • Offers Free IPL streaming
  • Supports TV channels from almost everywhere.
  • App size of only 7.0 MB


  • It is only famous for Live match streaming and not for others.
  • Not 100% safe and reliable.
  • App speed is too low when there are cricket matches.
  • It provides copyright content.

How To Download Stream India App on Android?

Many people don’t know how to download the streaming application. So, I guided them to download the app in the below section.

  • Go to Chrome or any other browser, depending on your device.
  • Search “streamindia.cc” in the Google search bar.
  • Tap on the top result and visit the website.
  • After that, you will see a yellow colored download button. Click on that to start the download process.
  • When the download is completed, scroll the notification bar from the top of your mobile and click on the apk.
  • It will ask you to enable the installation from an unknown source setting.
  • Go to the settings and toggle on.
  • Now, click on Install and start the installation process.

Download the app For FireStick

Downloading an Android app is not easy for Firestick. If you don’t know how to download it on a Fire TV, then you can read this one.

  • First, you’ll need to enable third-party apps in the settings of your device.
  • To do this, go to the home screen and scroll down to “Settings”.
  • Then, scroll right and select “System”.
  • From there, select “Developer Options” and then toggle the switch next to “Apps from Unknown Sources” so it is turned on.
  • Now, download the ‘Downloader’ app from the Amazon App Store.
  • After downloading, open it and paste the download URL by copying from the download button.
  • Once you have entered the URL or searched for an app, simply click on it and follow the instructions provided by Downloader.
  • Then, select “Install” and choose “Send To Device” from the dropdown menu.
  • You will then be prompted to enter a code that will appear on your TV screen when you open up Downloader on your Firestick device.
  • Once this is done, simply follow the instructions provided by Downloader as before and wait for it to finish downloading onto your device.

How to Download Stream India For PC?

Let’s start the process of downloading the app for PC.

  • To install the app on your PC, you need to download an Android emulator such as BlueStacks or Nox Player.
  • So, download any emulator and install it.
  • Next, open the emulator and open a web browser on it.
  • Search ‘streamindia.cc’ and visit the website.
  • Download the app and save it to the file manager of the emulator
  • Finally, click on it to start the installation process.
  • Once installed on any device, you can use the app to watch live TV channels, movies, and sports matches for free.


So, dear friends, we have come to the final section where I want to say that if don’t know how to download the app, then please check the tutorial already provided in this article. And, apart from this if you want to know more about this app, you can comment below or contact us through the contact page.

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